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c groups

We who follow Jesus have a common core longing to be on the journey together with others in relationally connected community.

c groups are formed around three core longings that we all experience; to experience more of God, to be known & loved by others, and to be on a God-shaped adventure together.

We live this out by focusing on paying attention to God, to each other, and to the world around us.


Lori Scholten
614-898-9412 ext 341


Tuesdays, 6:30pm,
Westerville (Journey 50+)

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Wednesdays, 1pm,
Westerville (Journey 50+)

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Thursdays, 6:30pm,
Westerville (All)

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Saturdays, 7pm,
Westerville (Internationals)

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“I can come as I am. There is no expectation from me to be in a certain place when I come and it has created a sense of heightened anticipation for what God might do each time.”

– Matt, C Group Member
Questions about C Groups?

Questions about c groups

If you have any questions about c groups which aren’t answered below, please complete this form with your question or comment and our team will get back to you.

“There has been a freedom to share my struggle with the scriptures.”

– Hanna, C Group Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a c group look like?

The model we are using for c groups consists of meeting regularly, seeking to discuss and practice these disciplines of paying attention to God, to each other, and to the world around us. We begin with a meal together and end with communion. C groups are open to new members and will multiply as the group grows.

Why is communion an important part of c groups?

We at Heritage believe that the communion table simply put is the gospel and open for all.

Communion is a time for us to remember the self-sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. If you feel like someone you have invited might be uncomfortable we would encourage you to let them know that communion will occur and whatever they decided to do, to take communion or to let it pass by is perfectly fine.

Who are c groups for?

C groups are for everyone. Love reaches out and invites in, no matter who you are. We seek to provide a safe place for people to discover on a deeper level the sense of home in following Jesus.

How do I sign up for a C Group?

We currently have three different days that c groups meet. Just click on a time & location that works for you and someone from that team will contact you shortly to get connected.

I would like to lead a c group. What do I do?

Thank you! We are always grateful for those who want to serve the group in this way. Becoming a part of a c group leadership team is a two part process. Attend the c group orientation and participate in a c group for a period of time as well. This will help you understand and experience the c group model and will give you time to just be a part of a group before taking on the responsibility of leading with a team.

I like my life group and we’re already experiencing genuine community. What should I do?

Wonderful! We are really glad you are part of a strong group. We would still encourage you to come to the orientation or speak to someone on the team so that you can understand what is new in Community Life at Heritage.

I lead a life group already: How would we become a c group?

Really good question. If you have the time we would ask that you join a c group as a participant and then go through the orientation.