In the midst of the growth and changes our church body has experienced in recent years, the Elders have worked diligently behind the scenes to provide direction, support, and stability. The church Elders responsibility is twofold: to shepherd and to oversee the church.

Under our particular model of governance, the elders (including any senior or lead pastors) are charged with determining the “ends” (goals of the church), and the senior or lead pastors are charged with determining the “means” of the church (how the ends are accomplished). The elders are also responsible for placing any limitations they consider necessary on the means (such as the lead pastors can’t operate without a budget approved by the elders), as well as establishing the linkage processes between the elders and the lead pastors (how we hold the lead pastors accountable for achieving the ends, living within the values, etc). We are also responsible for shepherding the church.

The heart of a shepherd is to be intimately concerned with the safety and wellbeing of the church. Our Elders gather to pray for our church body and leadership during weekend services, special events, and for healing of those who are sick (James 5:14). During each weekend service, Elders visit our children’s wing to pray for the children and teachers. Part of the Elders shepherding role is to support our pastors & staff, including an annual review of our Lead Pastors. This comprehensive review evaluates not only what happened in the life of the church, but also our Lead Pastors’ own goals, competencies, and character as a leader.

God has called our faith community together for a purpose, and we are in a unique position to see God do amazing things. God asks us to meet with Him and to worship. He asks us to risk and to trust Him. He asks us to serve and extend the Kingdom of God.

Elder Board Members


Steve Clark

Alan Foster

Bruce Hall


Dave Lehman

Pam Lewis

Garnetta Livisay


Doug Robinette

Mary Beth Sanford


Tim Scholten

Andy Sieberhagen

Taylor Shipman


Pavi Thomas

Barb Tornatzky

Phil Washburn

Susan Willeke

To contact the Elders, send please send an email to Elder Chair, Tim Scholten.