Heritage Kids partners with families to help children experience God’s love, learn biblical truth, make new friends, and interact with caring leaders.


Heritage Kids
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What to Expect

Check In

If you are visiting for the first time with your children, we ask you for some essential personal information: parent/legal guardian names, children’s names and birth dates, contact information, and any special things you want us to know about your child(ren) (i.e. allergies, special needs, etc.). Your information is entered into our data base to help maintain our safe and secure check-in procedures and parent paging system.


To ensure your child’s safety, all Heritage Kids volunteers and staff must pass a background check. The Children’s wing entrance and exit is supervised and only accessible by volunteers, staff, and parents and children who have an ID tag. Children and parents are issued a secure ID tag with a unique code to use in check-in and pick up. Should we need to contact you while your child is in Heritage Kids, we will notify you using the unique code on your child’s ID tag.

Nursery-Early Childhood

0-24 months
We provide infants and toddlers with a safe and loving environment. Our church nursery is staffed with experienced adults who are properly trained to care for your child and show God’s love to your child through interactive play.

Preschool to Pre-K 
We introduce children to basic biblical concepts. Our classroom teachers are trained to provide a positive experience for our little ones, helping them discover their creator and the love he has for them.

Elementary (Kindergarten-5th grade)

During the weekend services, elementary kids (grades K-5) participate in Kids Church. Our students start and end in their grade level small groups. This is a time when children can participate in lesson-reinforcing activities such as games, prayer, crafts and group discussion. Between the small group time, all students and their small group leaders meet for our large group time. During this time, Heritage kids enjoy the Bible being taught in fun, creative ways and also have the opportunity to worship with songs and giving to our Kid’s mission project.

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Volunteer with Heritage Kids

Be a part of our children’s ministry opportunities working with children and teaching them about Jesus. We need your help during weekend services in classrooms and at the Check-in Station, and during the week with AWANA and HBA.