Here at Heritage, we believe in Life Groups. We believe in community. We believe every person should be connected to a group of people who encourage and support each other in their spiritual journey and in the day-to-day challenges of life.

Life Groups are driven by three core values, welcoming, authentic, and transforming. Our desire is for groups to continually be making room for one more, to be open and real as God’s power is perfected through our weakness, and to expect our lives to be changing as we have an effect on one another in community.


Dustyn Vanzant
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Life Groups are now more important than ever! By keeping connected to others, we receive care, support, and community that we all need – especially right now.

watch to learn how to join a meeting

Using Zoom

I’d like to encourage you to utilize this to gather your groups. Zoom provides the ability to chat and upload resources during the meeting. There are breakout room options as well. Zoom can be easily downloaded on a computer, phone or tablet. Although it’s all pretty intuitive, there are often issues for someone… with audio or video or feedback, etc. Ahead of time, you may want to learn what you can with a few practice runs, so you can help others troubleshoot. Watch this video to learn how Zoom works.

– Dustyn Vanzant, Life Group pastor

Interested in leading a life group?

If you are interested in becoming a Life Group leader, contact Dustyn Vanzant for more details.