At Heritage, we help men to know Christ and follow him wholeheartedly. We provide opportunities for guys to learn together, serve together, and interact around common interests.


Bob Buchan
614-898-9412 x340

Time to Thrive

Sunday, Sep 19

Lead pastor, Andy Sieberhagen and Bob Buchan invite you to join them at Time to Thrive. Hear an encouraging message, experience authentic relationships with interactive discussion, be encouraged by some incredible stories of life change, and learn about some awesome opportunities for growth. Please eat dinner before you come.

A Path of Progress for Men
Whether you have a few minutes or a week, see what is available for men who would like to mature in Christ.
Discipleship Pathway for Men
Various video series on topics relevant to men. These can be done individually or with a group.

Men’s Studies

  • Flexible, convenient times and days
  • Learn from trusted, knowledgeable leaders
  • Discuss important topics with peers
  • Grow through application and action
Getting Along with God’s Family

Study of First Corinthians
Sundays, Aug 29-Mar 6
8-8:50am, Rm 102

Please join us anytime as we look at 1 Corinthians together. In this letter, Paul the apostle addresses many topics that are relevant for today such as disunity, pride, sexual freedom, lawsuits, and distortions of the gospel.  This book is very applicable, as we strive to live a life of love in a deeply divided culture.

The Unshakable Truth

Study of the Essentials of Faith
Thursdays, Sep 2- Nov 18
7-8:30pm, Room 102

This exciting 12-week study will help you understand the essential beliefs of the Christian faith. The content is provided by Josh and Sean McDowell. Six key truths will be covered with clear explanations, compelling discussions, and provocative “on-the-street” interviews.

To participate, you will be asked to watch one 15-18 minute video each week and bring your insights and questions to the group on Thursday evenings.

Advanced Intel Part III

Study of Revelation 12-19
Wednesdays, Virtual morning OR evening options

There is a war in heaven and an invasion on earth. People disappear and a beast appears out of the sea. 144,000 witnesses listen to two men who are murdered in front of the world’s eyes. Converted Jews run for the hills, and the man of sin walks right into the Jerusalem Temple. The Euphrates dries up and army boots walk across the riverbed on their way to wage war with an outgunned Israel.

Sound like an epic movie script? It is epic, but it is no movie we are watching happen in Chapters 12-19 of Revelation.

This 8-week study, part of a series on the end times, is led by Dan Scruggs and offered two times on Wednesdays for your convenience. Choose one that fits your schedule.

Morning option: 7:25-8:35am
Evening option: 7:30-8:40pm

Journey Men 60+

Fridays, Fridays 9:30am, Rm 102

Join us every Friday morning for fellowship and to talk about the challenges of being men of faith. We are a group of men over 60 who genuinely support each other as brothers in Christ.

For more details, email Jeff Matthews or contact him at 614-824-7862.

Conquer Series: The Battle Plan for Purity

Tuesdays, Aug 31-Oct 5
6:00-8:30pm, Room 113


Conquer Series is a CONFIDENTIAL life-changing resource that provides insights from top Christian leaders who lay out biblical strategies and scientific facts to help men overcome the lure of pornography and sexual sin. This powerful DVD-based group experience is 9 weeks long and it’s not just about behavior modification, but heart transformation. Space is limited. The cost is $30 for two workbooks.

For more information, contact Kurt at

Wild at Heart Boot Camp

Sep 9-12, Nov 4-7 and Nov 18-21

In this weekend experience, John Eldredge (via DVD), author of “Wild at Heart,” helps guys explore key questions about who God intends for them to be and the spiritual battles that often occur. This is not a retreat where guys break into small groups and share their feelings. This weekend is a time of peace, restoration, laughter, and camaraderie. Each man has extended time with Jesus in a place free of distraction – one that is bursting with the beauty and wonder of God’s creation.

A group of guys, a luxury log home in beautiful Hocking Hills, surrounded by 14 acres with stunning views of forest, lake, and waterfall. This weekend involves straightforward conversations, quiet reflections, meals, movies, and adventures.

Get Involved

Life Groups

We encourage men to be involved in a Life Group. To learn more, click here. If you’d like to know about the men’s groups that meet throughout the year, please contact Bob Buchan at 614-898-9412 x340, or