Life Events

Life includes many occasions we make and create, like an orchestrated rite of passage or notable decision. There are also occasions we mark, like a wedding, remembrance of a birth or death, or a ceremony linked to a spiritual step. We at Heritage want to come alongside you through these significant moments.

Child Dedication

The truth taught in Deuteronomy 6:7 is that parents are primarily responsible for guiding the spiritual development of their children. Child Dedication enables a parent to come before the Lord and church to publicly express their desire. Taking this step will help parents gain more confidence that they have a support structure for this significant step.
For more details, contact Matt Liston about having your child dedicated.

Funeral Support

When a Heritage family has to say good-bye to a loved one, our funeral support team cares about creating a warm, nurturing environment where grieving family and friends can experience the love of God. We understand that this is often an unexpected and certainly a difficult time.
To begin the process of planning your loved one’s service, please contact our Funeral Coordinator or leave a message at 614-898-9412 x444


To become a participating member of Heritage is to affirm both where you are spiritually, and where you are going. It’s a step of discipleship, a milestone on the lifelong path laid out by Jesus, and on which all true believers walk with dedication and resolve.

Contact Pastor John Buckles at 614-898-9412 x210.


We are so excited to serve you during the process of marriage and wedding planning. We offer many resources to help you plan and execute your rehearsal and wedding.