2020 Hindsight and Healing with Dr. Tammy Smith

2020 Hindsight and Healing with Dr. Tammy Smith

We invite you to bring your friends and enjoy a Friday evening and Saturday with one of our favorites… Dr. Tammy Smith!

Come join us as we gain insight and understanding into what we experienced in the midst of 2020. As a counselor with 30 years’ experience, Dr. Tammy Smith will help us take a look back at how small losses and big losses touched everyone and the effect that grief has on our souls, our minds, and our bodies. We’ll process together and be encouraged with renewed perspective and prescription for walking healthy with our hope, joy and peace fixed securely in the Faithful One! I promise you will laugh, you might cry and you will walk away with practical tools for standing strengthened in your faith for the days ahead.

September 17 pm30 7pm — September 18 pm30 3pm
7:00 pm (20h)


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